We have some news…


AUGUST, 2019

A small but growing number of you are already aware but apologies to those we have not updated recently, if this comes out of the blue.

We are now proud crofters.

Our 18 acre Croft is on the Isle of Great Bernera, Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland. (About 12 hours By car/train/bus/ferry from Birmingham, if you don’t stop ?)

Sunset at Bosta

This is the culmination of our 22 months of initial R&D, buying the Croft tenancy, waiting for the searches to be completed and approval of assignation by the Crofting Commission.

We have been busy learning, reading, experimenting, making, building and forging new connections, whilst running our business with the brilliant TJ ably supporting us.

Our kids James, Gaby and Maya have been a real support and cheered us on, in spite of thinking we’re crackers.

In the last 22 months we have not only tried and tested different vans / places / lifestyles / occupations but we’ve completely changed our plan of relaxed, off grid travel to full on lifestyle, ethos and location overhaul. There is nothing exactly the same today as it was 22 months ago when we started this plan.

Not one thing. But more about that another time.

Windy day

There will be much to share over the coming weeks and months now that our future is secured but right now we wanted to thank you all.

Whether you knew it or not, each and everyone of you has been a motivator of sorts, an inspiration, a support and helped us to sense check at critical points.

Sunsets definitely don’t wait, the planet is burning and there is no time for us to idle our days away. We now fully understand that our lovely travel plans would have been meaningless in the long run and it’s better for us to plant trees, whose shade we know we shall never sit in & steward the land.

Brum is a truly special place and we’ll be visiting/working here plenty but it’s time to forge a different path for our children and the planet by walking our talk.