View from the croft with sheep in foreground
Croft runes white on transparent

Croft 22 works with local producers and the community through regenerative farming techniques and balanced biodiversity in nature to ensure that our impact on the earths resources is positive.

farm rune rollover
Forage rune rollover
feast rune rollover
Forest rune rollover
The Gods of the Croft
basket of locally grown veggies

Crofting continues to contribute to the sustainability of remote and rural communities.”
Fergus Ewing, MSP

Nat holding barley
Julia holding Lagertha sheep

“Crofting helps combat the climate issues of transporting and packaging our food”
Scottish Crofting Federation

Grass blowing on rylock
Rooster on roof crowing

Sheep Sheared

Trees Planted

Litres of Sweat

Near Death Falls

Sheep Cuddles


Croft 22, Kirkibost,
Great Bernera,
Isle of Lewis, HS2 9LX

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